White wedding dress: a million shades of the most wedding color

The tradition of wearing white on the big day is as old as world and indeed is the embodiment of the dream of many girls, but you should not think that brides always wore white – in fact, such a tradition appeared 2,000 years ago during the Roman Republic, when young girls who were about to get married were supposed to wear a white tunic as a sign worship of Vesta the goddess of hearth, who was asked for wisdom and help in the future family life.

After the fall of the Roman Republic until the 19th century, the white wedding dress, in conditions of stable water and high cost, was replaced by a more practical one, often it was just a new dress, or the most beautiful of the bride had.

Queen’s white: new life of the most expensive color

It is interesting how the decision of one woman can radically change not only history, but also the memory of people, because today it would never have occurred to anyone that a wedding dress could not be white. This woman was Queen Victoria, and she was not only a queen by right of birth, but also a queen of style and public opinion, because she was not afraid to move away from age-old foundations and marry not in a traditional outfit that was passed down from generation to generation, but in a trendy one. white silk dress with embroidery, which has become an icon of wedding fashion forever.

This happened on February 10, 1840 and marked the beginning of a new era of wedding fashion. From that day on, wearing white at your own wedding meant demonstrating wealth and prosperity, because at the dawn of industrialization, snow-white white looked unrealistically pure in comparison with the surrounding reality.

Parachute’s snow-white as a symbol of happy future

Brilliant white became the embodiment of the wedding dream of all girls only after the Second World War, and the trendsetter of the so-called “parachute” fashion were the pilots who kept their parachutes that saved their lives for their brides, both as an important symbol and because of the material, as parachutes were made from high quality silk, which was simply unreal to get for sewing dresses in the USA during the war with Japan.

Before that time white was never absolutely white in fact – faster ivory or cream, because of the peculiarities of the natural fabric.

Eternal classics in white from Dream Bridal Couture

The Dream Bridal Couture brand has long been known around the world for its unique models of classic wedding dresses, made from the best modern materials with love and admiration for each of our brides, because such an important day should be remembered for a lifetime, and we are doing everything possible for this.

Each Dream Bridal Couture dress is made in Ukraine, for each of our brides we tailor the dress individually, personally coordinating all the nuances and taking into account all the wishes. Absolutely all embroidery and decor is done by hand by our craftswomen, who are professionals in their field.

For more than 10 years of its work, the Dream Bridal Couture brand has managed to win the trust of beautiful brides from Europe, Asia and America:

  • the USA
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We also have extensive experience working with oriental brides, for whom we make modest wedding dresses with floral and geometric embroidery.

Special mention should be made of cooperation with wedding salons, which gives our brides the opportunity to see the dress with their own eyes, try it on and make sure that this is exactly what you were looking for.

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