Wedding outfits: new trends

Making a choice is much easier when you have a plan, and choosing a wedding dress is no exception, and as such a plan, we offer you a list of fashion trends for 2023, some of which are already firmly established in wedding fashion, others are just beginning to make themselves known. In any case, we are sure that this selection will help you choose exactly the dress in which you will shine on your wedding day, so, there’re trendiest things in 2023 from Dream Bridal Couture.

High slit

Fashion comes and goes, but the impeccable beauty of women’s legs is always appreciated, so again we have the opportunity to demonstrate our beauty, especially since such a cut visually stretches the figure. A dress with a high slit can be complemented with a closed top, which will focus on the lower part of the dress, and a bodice with a deep neckline, which will add even more seductiveness to the image.

Wedding trouser suit

Bold brides can embody the classic white color not only in a dress, but also in a suit with a jacket, which, of course, will become a practical alternative to the usual wedding outfit.

Transformer dresses

Great news for those who can’t decide on just one outfit, because now you can choose one transforming dress, and change your image during the wedding day as many times as you like, without changing clothes. Not only the top can be removable, but also the sleeves, the train, several layers of the skirt, which allows you to play with the length and shape – and more!

Voluminous sleeves

Royally puffed sleeves, ruffles, frills, feathers, bows and everything that adds volume and luxury to the sleeves will be appropriate in the coming season. Experiment and don’t be afraid of bright accents!

Prints and embroidery

The bride’s dress may well be a canvas, designers say, so why not decorate the veil, or the skirt of the wedding dress with an individual print, or embroidery, with words from your favorite song, or an image of the place where you met, or even at all tell the story of your love in color, or elegant monochrome embroidery?

Slow Fashion Design

The idea of rational use of energy and resources has also reached bridal fashion, and personally we fully support this initiative, because the protection of the environment and the health of each person is the first value that we, the Dream Bridal Couture bridal fashion brand, pursue first of all. That is why we choose only natural fabrics and materials, without toxic components, and also take care of environmentally friendly packaging and the safest and waste-free production for our employees.

Dream Bridal Couture: always in trend

Stylish designer dresses from the Ukrainian Brand Dream Bridal Couture are always a good solution that does not go out of fashion and remains relevant, because we do not focus on fashion trends, but on classic successful solutions, although we always take into account the expediency of fashionable accents.

Our approach has already been appreciated by brides from many countries of the world, including the USA, Canada, France and Belgium, Germany and Romania, which is why we not only deliver our exclusive wedding dresses all over the world, but also actively cooperate with global salons and wedding fashion stores.

With us, you can choose one of the already existing models, which will be sewn especially for you, or order your unique and unique designer dress from Dream Bridal Couture.

The advantages of bridal outfits from Dream Bridal Couture

·        Hand embroidery

·        Individual tailoring

·        Exclusive outfit design

·        Only natural materials

·        Delivery worldwide

·        Cooperation with wedding salons in the largest cities of Europe, America and Asia

  We create the future!