Wedding dresses for curvy brides

Female beauty is something that cannot be contained in the concept of fashion, figure parameters and standards, because a woman is a mood, this is a special atmosphere that fills everything around, a woman is a spirit, this is aspiration, the very curves that make a man’s heart beat more often and do the impossible.

Plus size: the feature that makes you unique

For a long time, trendsetters in wedding fashion unnecessarily avoided the topic of curvaceous ladies, instead imposing on us the ideal image of the bride in her physique more like a teenage girl than a woman.

But times change, but beauty is eternal, and even if ladies with magnificent forms have to make more efforts to find the perfect wedding dress, the result is definitely worth it, because the right outfit really works wonders. But how to create miracles with your own hands, and which models you should pay attention to if you are the owner of plus size – this and more in the review from Dream Bridal Couture.

How to choose a dress for a curvaceous figure?

Voluptuous shape is not a judgment and not a reason to refuse a wonderful wedding dress, let’s say more, often designers have to give up many ideas precisely because it is difficult to implement them on a thin model. And, although all people are different and different style and proportion solutions are suitable for everyone, nevertheless, there are ready-made solutions for plus size girls that you may well like.

The best decisions for plus size brides are:

  • A-silhouette dress
  • Cinderella ball gown
  • Greek-style dress
  • Mermaid outfit

Material of the dress is also very important for curvy fiancée’s, do not focus on what is fashionable or what others choose, your material will help to emphasize the beauty of the skin and help visually make the figure more elegant. This process is purely individual, and it is achieved only by fitting and observing oneself. Here, the opinion of a reliable friend, or your personal seamstress, if you have any, is very useful.

Lose weight for the sake of a dress

The issue of dissatisfaction with one’s figure and the desire to lose weight by the wedding date concerns not only girls with magnificent forms, and this is the case when the preliminary selection of a dress, which is desirable to be done in six months, or better in a year before the ceremony, and the desire to become more elegant, are very poorly combined, after all, what sat perfectly 6 months ago may become completely unusable closer to the date of the wedding, and no tricks and fitting in the atelier will help.

We are for a healthy attitude towards ourselves and our body, and we know for sure from our own experience that sudden changes definitely do not add health and self-confidence. Moreover, you should not risk with your health and well-being before an important event. But it is definitely possible and necessary to use the entire available arsenal that designers use when creating outfits. Find a designer who works on the same wavelength as you, share your wishes, if any, and take note of his or her opinion, maybe this will help you to discover something new. Surely your creative tandem will show the world exactly the dress in which you will feel comfortable and in which you will shine in all your glory.

Dress for the owner of feminine forms from Dream Bridal Couture

Exclusive wedding dresses from Dream Bridal Couture are produced entirely in Ukraine, which means:

  • the strictest selection of only the best and natural materials for each stage of work
  • individual tailoring and fitting of the design of the dress for each bride
  • finishing and handmade embroidery from the best craftswomen

The Dream Bridal Couture brand cooperates with bridal boutiques and salons around the world, so you can try on our outfits, as well as attend trunk shows in the largest cities of the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Romania, a number of countries in the Middle and Far East, and not only.

We will be happy to make your dream come true, because each bride is a special story that deserves the best design.