Purchasing designer wedding dresses in Germany

The date is set, the rings are bought, the invitations are sent out, the flowers are ordered, but here is the dress… After all, you always dreamed that it would be luxurious, shining, floor-length, perfectly tailored for you. When you put it on, you are immediately carried away into the reality where the very person is ready for everything for you, where thoughts and dreams work wonders, where animals and birds speak, and you are the same princess whose fairy tale is just beginning. But in reality: this dress is too frank, that one so heavy that it is hard to breathe with it on, this is just tasteless, and that one doesn’t take into account at all that a girl can have hips and breasts, and all this should be decorated with dignity.

If everything described is about you, you should definitely look into the Dream Bridal Couture online store, the options of which are now available in Germany: 200+ unique designs of wedding dresses from one of the leading manufacturers with a world-famous name from Ukraine, which over 10 years of work have managed to win hearts of girls around the world.

Girl’s dream designer bridal gown

What does your dream wedding dress look like? Probably, each girl imagines it differently, and, nevertheless, this is not just a dress, but a very important symbol, so for sure you can imagine not even the cut or decorations on it, but rather how you will be in it and feel what emotions will bind you.

It is on the feelings of the bride that we focus primarily, and therefore, in choosing a form, we focus on proven classics:

  • Princess with a fluffy skirt
  • Mermaid with elegant neckline and hips
  • Universal A-line

Moreover, as design elements of the dress we use:

  • Floral motifs
  • Silk and organza bows
  • Embroidery with silk threads, beads and rhinestones
  • Train in all sorts of variations, including removable and consignment note

In addition, of course, we always listen to the wishes and vision of our dear customers, therefore, be sure that Dream Bridal Couture will hear you and find the best option to implement your ideas.

How to buy a wedding dress in Germany

We are pleased to announce that now you can buy your unique wedding dress from Dream Bridal Couture in an online store in any of the cities of Germany: Cologne, Bremen, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt am Main and not only. Just visit our site dream-couture.com and fall in love with the perfect lines of our love to the love story of our beautiful clients.

Our advantages of work in Germany

Each new country in our record of accomplishment is a new opportunity and a new inspiration, because you, our dear customers, are our main incentive and we adapt both the online store and every detail to you. Now it is even easier to buy a perfectly fitting wedding dress from the manufacturer – you just need to fill out the form – and voila – your order has already been made, assembled, and sent to the specified address in Germany.

Why should you buy a wedding gown from Dream Bridal Couture

If you are looking for a special elegant or romantic wedding dress from a designer in Germany be sure to visit our store, Dream Bridal Couture always has something to please еру customers. In addition, we actively cooperate with wholesale buyers, showrooms and wedding salons, so feel free to contact us, we are always glad to make new contacts.

Buying a stylish bridal gown in Germany has now become easier than ever, because real professionals from Ukraine, who know literally everything about female beauty and the best ways for its decoration, got down to business! Check it out for yourself – visit dream-couture.com.

Please note that Dream Bridal Couture not only works and delivers orders all over the world, but also actively cooperates with stores and wholesale suppliers from various countries and cities. For wholesale and regular customers, we have a permanent system of discounts; you just need to contact our operator.