Modest wedding gowns for Muslim women

Dream Bridal Couture designs various gowns for brides from different countries. Besides traditional A-silhouette, mermaid, and mini wedding dresses, our dedicated team offers gorgeous models for Islamic marriage ceremonies. Muslim brides can count on the perfect gowns made of premium materials to highlight the unique look of every lady and meet the religious conception at once.

Designer Muslim Wedding Dresses by Dream Bridal Couture

We are a renowned Ukrainian brand that creates one-of-a-kind Islamic wedding dresses in a unique fashion. You can order our models for Muslim brides worldwide. The designer undertakes the most delicate work while creating modest bridal gowns for ladies from the UAE and other Arabic countries.

The exceptional feature of each Muslim wedding dress is its fashion complemented with handmade elements like embroidery and other accessories. It is worth noting that there are no restrictions regarding the color of marriage outfits in Islam. It means that both the groom and the bride can wear wedding clothes of almost any color pattern.

Besides the religious background and modest fashion of the 21st century in the context of Muslim bridal dresses, our designer keeps track of trends in the niche. For example, there are the following available variants for Islamic ladies:

  • Exclusive modest bridal gowns;
  • Islamic wedding dresses (modest floor-length and long-sleeve models);
  • Muslim dresses for wedding with religious ornaments and handmade embroidery;
  • Maxi gowns accompanied with ethnic prints;
  • Traditional Islamic wedding dress variants accompanied with bridal veils;
  • Modern Muslim wedding dresses (for example with slits, open shoulders, statement sleeves, etc.);
  • Other modest wedding dress models at the client’s request.

We know what an important day your marriage ceremony is. Some brides still wear turbans with the veil and the most modest outfits. But some progressive Muslim couples in love are looking forward to putting contemporary stylish gowns on the bride. That is why niqabs and attires stay in the past of Islam.

You will always stay pleased with the Muslimah wedding dress by our designer. Dream Bridal Couture is about 100% individual approach, reasonable prices, and the highest quality of materials. Just specify your desires to get the awesome modest bridal gown.

How to Choose an Islamic Wedding Dress?

Think about the fashion of your ideal gown. Do you want a long dress with a train? Or maybe you are dreaming about sparkling Cinderella’s ball gown? Everything depends on the bride’s taste. Here, you are not limited to your desires and demands. Our designer will take into account all the details to provide the one that hits the target!

Think of the color as well. For example, traditional Muslim wedding dresses can be ivory, champaigne, nude, capuccino. You can select a gown in pastel, cream, light blue, beige, or pale lemon color patterns. They are in trend now. Ask our designer to help you. Feel free to ask any questions about accessories and decorative elements that will fit your modest bridal look. For example, a modern but modest Islamic wedding dress with a cape can be complemented with massive jewelry and a floral wreath over the veil.

Muslim Wedding Dresses Online: Why Particularly Dream Bridal Couture?

We are responsible for the result from A to Z including design routine tasks, costs, materials, and deadlines. Our clients should not worry about anything. The comprehensive approach is applied for each order. Someone would like a simple Islamic wedding dress. Other brides are searching for exclusive modest models by the designer.

Everything is possible with us. Buy a long-length and long-sleeve wedding dress of your dreams – worldwide shipping is available. We guarantee the best cost-quality ratio, only high-level fabrics, and much handmade work done with love and pleasure. Just explore our portfolio and be inspired by the design you prefer for your marriage. Select Islamic wedding dresses with hijab for sale together with modern Muslim gowns in Dream Bridal Couture!

We want to make luxury and practical designer wedding fashion accessible to everyone, so we deliver all over the world and are always open to cooperation with other companies, shops, salons and exhibition centers – all for the sake of happy smiles of the beautiful brides.