Lacy wedding dress: your trendy way for expression the delicacy

Lace has always been in fashion, thin and wide, modest and luxurious, homespun and unbleached, and the finest silk, fancy knitted and woven on bobbins – even in the most difficult times, women remained women, and tried in every possible way to emphasize their sophistication, their innate need for beauty and gentle, which is manifested in hair styling, head turning, carefully selected jewelry, accessories, gait, and, of course, clothing, which has always played a crucial role in a woman’s self-expression and has a direct relationship with her self-esteem and fulfillment.

Lace as an indispensable element of wedding fashion

Despite the cyclical nature of fashion, there are eternal themes in it that designers do not get tired of playing with, showing new facets, using them as decor for a wide range of clothing items, but, of course, the classics are dresses, as the most feminine item of women’s wardrobe, and wedding gowns have a special role in a feminine life.

The appearance of lace is associated with the desire of more influential people to show their high status, in fact, to emphasize their uniqueness, because this product really required a huge amount of work and time to create it. They argue about the place and time of the appearance of lace, the authorship is attributed to both the Romans and the French – one thing is clear, that to make the thinnest web from intricate weaves of steel at about the same time in many places in Europe, which quickly gained immense popularity, but it was fabulously expensive. It was possible to reduce the cost of hand lace after the industrial revolution, when, thanks to mechanization, it became possible to produce it in larger quantities, faster and at lower costs, and it also became possible to work with threads of different thicknesses and qualities, which was also an important step in the development of this direction.

The subtleties of lace production

In manual production, cotton, gold or silver threads were mainly used. Cotton captivated with its cost and durability, but it was difficult to work with it; working with gold and silver threads was extremely difficult, plus the cost of materials was extremely high. The appearance of synthetic fibers made it possible to reduce the cost of the production process again, until today, the basis of lace is mainly made of strong cotton threads, and connections and decorative elements that require subtlety and precision are made of synthetic or mixed threads.

Lace dresses from Dream Bridal Couture

The Ukrainian company for the production of designer wedding dresses is world famous for its unique style and recognizable hand embroidery. For a period of more than 10 years, the company has managed not only to create a catalog of unique models, each of which is presented in the best wedding salons around the world, but also to gain positive experience in individual work with clients from various countries, including Muslim ones.

Among the advantages of working with Dream Bridal Couture, it is important to highlight the following:

  • Cooperation with wedding salons in the largest cities of the USA, France, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Romania and other countries of Europe and world
  • Always high quality workmanship with record turnaround times
  • Handmade decor and embroidery
  • Individual tailoring for each bride
  • Possibility of development and implementation of individual design

Whatever dress you choose, lace, embroidered, modest, or luxurious, like a princess, be sure that the execution from Dream Bridal Couture will surprise and make your wedding look truly luxurious. Trust the best – choose Dream Bridal Couture.