How to choose a dress for a wedding?

It would seem that what is difficult in choosing a wedding dress for yourself is only a matter of taste and cost. But, unfortunately, even those who have faced the need to wear a wedding dress will confirm that everything is not so simple. Despite the really huge selection of dresses of all styles, colors, styles and price policies, finding your own — that’s the nuance.

Top advice from Dream Bridal Couture for choosing a wedding dress:

When to start looking for a dress

You need to order a dress in advance, but not a year before the wedding, because the size of the dress can change under different circumstances, but you should not struggle, because you may not have time to find your dress, or the craftsman will not have enough time for a high-quality fit to the figure. Today, many premium wedding salons offer to try on wedding dresses from world brands, including Dream Bridal Couture, so that you can feel the dress and understand how well this or that style suits you. After that, the salon orders a given dress from the designer according to specific measurements with the possibility of individual changes of individual details, color, length, etc., or a completely new dress, which the bride was inspired by a certain collection of the brand. It should be understood that the production of a designer dress with hand embroidery can take from 1 to 6 months

How to focus on what you need

  • Imagine your wedding, how do you see yourself? What kind of hair do you have, jewelry, their number and even color. Imagine everything to the smallest detail: what flowers, their color, the aroma of your perfume. How do you feel about your image? Romantic, gentle, or trendy and elegant, or perhaps passionate and sexy?
  • Visualize the place: if you are planning a wedding ceremony in an old castle, feel free to imagine yourself as a princess with a tiara, a long train, and a dress with a lush skirt; if you are by the sea, then a dress made of light fabric is better, semi-transparency and slits on the skirt will be appropriate; if it is a restaurant, then you can experiment with length, color, decor elements.

Season: and although most dresses are universal, still pay attention to elements such as long sleeves, fabric density and abundant elements — as a rule, such dresses are more suitable for the cold season, if it is bright in your region.

Only yours

Finding yours requires a clear plan, and Dream Bridal Couture shares our own experience on how to find a dream wedding dress among hundreds of options:

1. Determine the type of your figure and find out which dresses will suit your type more.

2. Estimate the maximum budget that you can spend on a dress, you must take into account other costs: renting a hall, possibly cars, photographer services, etc. Also, if you’re looking for a dress online, most sites have a function to sort by price.

3. Be curious about brands, sometimes trendy options are actually very comfortable, and maybe this is the option that will be perfect for you.

4. Don’t buy right away, put it off and continue your search, if you do like that dress, you should try it on again, if not, your dress is still waiting for you somewhere.

5. When choosing a dress, do not forget about the general concept of the holiday, your dress, like the icing on the cake, should be appropriate.

Who to take with on the hunt for a dress

You’ve decided on the concept, you’re aware of all the brands, you’ve even chosen several options for yourself, and it’s time to go to the salon for a fitting, who should you take with you? Most girls always consult with their mothers, and this is a very important and symbolic moment, even when the mother is not around, her blessing is very important for the bride. But think about it, your goal is to make the right choice, for this you need the advice of the people who know you well, whose opinion you trust, who will be objective and responsible. It is better if it is not one person, but several, but they should think about what will be better for you, and not be guided solely by their own motives.

If the wedding dress is from Dream Bridal Couture

Brides from all over the world trust us to create unique designer dresses, they are girls from the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Romania, the eastern countries and even Australia, each of them belonging to different cultures, religions and even age groups, but all of them share our attitude to the wedding dress as a symbol of femininity and the protector of the future family, and this is very important for us.

Our company actively cooperates with wedding salons all over the planet, we hold trunk shows and demonstrations, participate in exhibitions and have our own online store, where you can get acquainted with our main models of designer dresses at any time. But looking online is one thing, but feeling the dress on yourself, seeing our embroidery and scattering of pebbles with your own eyes is quite another, so choose the nearest salon representing the Ukrainian Dream Bridal Couture brand and make an appointment for a fitting.

In addition, note that the dress models presented on our website are only a basis for your imagination, because we are always ready to realize any of your wishes and interesting ideas, to create a completely new unique design.