Current wedding dress trends 2023

What do they wear down the aisle these days?

The Dream Bridal Couture team always keeps abreast of world fashion trends in order to delight its customers not only with perfect execution and consistently high quality products, but also with the implementation of the latest developments from wedding fashion trendsetters.

A dress from a designer is not something inaccessible and only for the elite, Dream Bridal Couture always tries to take into account the interests of the customers, so we can deliver your order anywhere in the universe. It means that whether you live in a small town or a metropolis, be sure that your dress will be with you as soon as possible. In addition, we are always open to cooperation with interested persons and companies, shops and salons of wedding fashion; both small and large wholesale is possible with us.

Introducing new elements, for many years designers have remained true to classic motifs, which are:

• A-line dress cut;

• Beloved by many “mermaid”, emphasizing the hips and elegance of the female figure;

• And, of course, the dream of all girls – a “princess” with a fluffy floor-length skirt.

In the new season, designers offer to play with the shape and depth of the neckline, afford such an element of luxury as a train, which instantly adds completeness and monumentality to the image. Also relevant are both bare shoulders with or without a lowered sleeve, as well as the illusion of open shoulders created using a nude mesh.

Eternal classic in a new reading

The one who claims that it is almost impossible to come up with something completely new is right, and, nevertheless, you can always improve even the ideal cut, beat it with new details and even submit it in a different color.

Moreover, of course, it is always important to take into account not only newfangled trends, but also preferences, and, especially, the natural merits of the bride, because our main task is to create the best wedding image for a particular girl. A wedding look is not just a dress that fits the figure, it is a whole picture, where external data play an important role, including hair length, eye color, height, and so on, but also the inner qualities of the bride, which are very important for us to convey.

Modest wedding dresses for Muslim girls

Living according to Sharia Law means being very attentive to your outfit and a wedding dress is no exception. With love and respect for our dear Muslim brides, we have designed modest bridal gowns embellished with many decorative elements.

What to look for when choosing a trendy designer wedding dress

Despite the changing fashion, there are postulates when creating a wedding dress that remain unchanged:

1) The highest quality fabrics, processing and decoration elements – all materials must be of the best quality, period – this is the motto of Dream Bridal Couture, and we have been faithful to it for almost 10 years from the first day of our work.

2) Flowers as a universal symbol – girls love flowers in all forms, so why not for them to bloom on luxurious DBC wedding dresses too. We carry out all kinds of embroidery, appliqué, as well as skillful drapery, conveying all the tenderness of the flower, which only emphasizes the fragility and grace of our dear brides.

3) Perfect cut – of course, the silhouette of the dress should match the figure, but only with an individual approach and the right cut, even the most voluminous dress will sit like a second skin, and will not cause fatigue or discomfort at all, even after hours of wedding ceremony. In addition, the Dream Bridal Couture bride is the pearl of the holiday, which should shine brighter than anyone else.

Where can one buy trendy wedding dresses?

We are pleased to announce that our online store of the best designer gowns Dream Bridal Couture, which has been trusted by brides with the most sophisticated taste from various countries for almost 10 years, operates worldwide. That is why, no matter where you are in Europe, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Romania, Belgium, Netherland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Libya, or Nigeria, you can easily place an order in our store and get your perfect designer dress in no time.

All the best for the unsurpassed Dream Bridal Couture brides.