Closed wedding dresses: your win-win option

What new can you come up with in wedding fashion that will amaze and fascinate again and again? Although they say that fashion tends to be cyclical, nevertheless, each new wedding season is a riot of new original solutions from designers, among which there is always a place for classics, so loved by designers of Dream Bridal Couture.

According to the latest defiles it is closed dresses that will be at the peak of popularity of the wedding season 2023 as an example of luxury and originality, femininity and sensuality.

Charming elegance of a closed wedding dress

As the all-time best Coco Chanel stated, there may not be a second chance to make a first impression, and therefore it is important to always think a little ahead: about yourself as a wife and mistress of the house, about yourself as an example of femininity for future generations. Also traditional are wedding photos, which are kept as a family heirloom and passed down from generation to generation as a memory of the parents – perhaps thinking about how you want to be remembered by your children and grandchildren will prompt you to choose that very dress, because often elegance and excellent taste in the light of the prospects for the future look much more significant than outrageous and revealing outfits.

Gown for a church ceremony

There is nothing more desirable for a man than a beloved woman who will soon become only his, whom he is not ready to share with absolutely anyone, and whose image for him is tenderness and touching naivety, which she trusts him on her wedding day. And sometimes even a hundred words cannot convey this feeling. But to make this day exactly like this, deep, filled with a special meaning and the most tender feelings, which can and should be embodied in the outfit, will help.

A closed bridal gown does not have to be boring at all, on the contrary, a closed cut gives endless variations in order to emphasize the advantages as much as possible and balance the possible flaws of the figure. It was these dresses that great women wore in the past, and they knew how to attract and retain the attention of men, because it is these outfits that are the most captivating and feminine in the understanding of men.

And, of course, the modern approach to creating wedding dresses today widely uses all kinds of transformations, and therefore it will not be difficult for you to easily turn an absolutely closed wedding dress into a lighter version for the main ceremony with a slight movement, using different veil options, a false train, high gloves, all kinds of capes.

For whom are closed wedding dresses suitable?

  1. Modest brides who want to demonstrate their exquisite taste and style to others
  2. Religious brides, such as Muslim women, do not allow them to show off their bodies, and their public wedding dress must also be modest and as closed as possible
  3. Brides who, due to the peculiarities of their figure, want to hide certain parts of it, for example, girls with small breasts would choose closed chest as well as curvy brides prefer long sleeves etc.
  4. For girls who live in more northern parts of the world, or who decide to hold a celebration in snowy regions
  5. Brides who want to look especially elegant and piquant, when all the charms are hidden by satin or lace

Rigidity vs luxury: variations of closed wedding dresses

  • Wedding dresses with a closed back, such a dress can be either completely closed, or back can be made of lace. This dress is ideal for formal weddings and weddings of dignitaries
  • Wedding dresses with a closed neck. This option can involve lace along the neckline and back, hands are usually left open
  • Wedding dresses with closed hands. In such outfits, the sleeve can be either long and straight, or extended to the bottom
  • Closed lace wedding dress. Lace is always in trend and transparency always adds airiness and weightlessness to the image, and at the same time you do not need to show your body at all, as lining in skin tone completely solves this issue

Closed dresses from Dream Bridal Couture

Designer dresses from Dream Bridal Couture with Ukrainian flavor and hand embroidery have long won the hearts of brides around the world, because girls know a lot about a truly sincere attitude to work. We sew each dress individually, taking into account the peculiarities of the bride’s figure and all her wishes. Only an individual approach and only the best materials – this is what makes us popular and the best in our niche. Quality is always in the first place, and the happy smile of the bride is our best reward.