Choosing a long sleeve wedding dress: advantages and new fashion trends

If you think that a wedding dress with a long sleeve is intended only for the cold season, then we hasten to dissuade you that this is absolutely not the case. Firstly, more and more brides are choosing timeless classics, and, as you know, it does not age, but becomes deeper and richer, giving us more and more options for embodying femininity and wisdom. And the long sleeve plays an important role here, giving designers both a field for creativity and the possibility of new searches and experiments. Secondly, often a demonstration of bare hands is undesirable, because it has long been known that modesty adorns a girl, especially since there are a lot of other options to express yourself, your grace and beauty. And, of course, weightless dresses embroidered with the finest threads from Dream Bridal Couture, so breathable and light as a gossamer that, regardless of the season and place of your wedding, you will be very comfortable even with long sleeves – tested and proven by a huge number of our dear clients.

Trend 2023: long sleeve bridal gown

The long sleeve, in all its diversity, burst into wedding fashion 2023 with an enchanting variety, offering us huge opportunities to choose from. We will focus on the highlights, which, in our opinion, deserve special attention.

Semi-sheer sleeves

The weightless fabric with dense lace appliqués creates whimsical floral and fantasy patterns on the skin, while the luxurious decor of flowers, pearls, crystals, sequins will create a romantic mood and emphasize the fragility of the bride.

This design of the sleeves will perfectly harmonize both with a closed satin dress and with a deep neckline, a slit on the skirt, with absolutely any cut of classic models: a mermaid, a ball gown, an empire style, and so on.

Fitted tight sleeve

A chic option for the cold season, which will not only keep you warm, but will not be a concession on your part in favor of elegance and style. With such a sleeve, both a mermaid and an A-line dress, a dress with a train and large decorative elements will look great.

Lantern sleeves

One of the top ideas of the new wedding season, which, in addition to many interesting options for implementation in different fabrics and formats, also has a practical purpose – to balance wide hips and, of course, to compliment the cherished waist, which is never superfluous.

Of course, it is worth paying special attention to the cut of the skirt in this case, we prefer A-line, skirts with wide pleats made of well-draped fabric, and we also welcome the presence of a slit as an additional element in puffed sleeves, which we recommend designing with sculptural precision in order to everything was perfect.

Asymmetrical shoulder

Asymmetry always looks interesting, and if natural data allows, but, at the same time, you do not want to look too extravagant, the drapery of the “naked” shoulder will be very useful. That is, in fact, you get a dress with long sleeves, made in the same style, but from materials of different density with a very original stylistic solution.

Long sleeve as the best solution for size plus brides

Using a long sleeve in a wedding dress for size plus girls, we will not only balance the whole image, but also:

  • Cover vulnerable spots
  • Make the upper part of the outfit lighter
  •  Add some romance to the image

Dream Bridal Couture long sleeve designer gowns

We are a Ukrainian brand that has been known among brides all over the world for more than a decade, producing designer dresses with hand embroidery and unique designs for girls from various countries and cultures, which we are very proud of. Our clients are in almost all countries of the world, in addition, we actively cooperate with wedding salons from the USA, Europe, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Romania, UAE, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands and not only. Our products can be seen at trunk shows in the best salons and at shows of famous wedding brands.

But our main goal is the happy smile of each individual bride, so we are always ready for individual tailoring, we always listen to every wish and try to pay maximum attention to the smallest details. Our craftswomen embroider absolutely all decorative elements by hand, so we can safely vouch for the quality of everything we produce.

May every bride be happy! This is the purpose of Dream Bridal Couture.