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Lacy wedding dress: your trendy way for expression the delicacy

Lace has always been in fashion, thin and wide, modest and luxurious, homespun and unbleached, and the finest silk, fancy knitted and woven on bobbins – even in the most difficult times, women remained women…

Wedding dresses for curvy brides

Female beauty is something that cannot be contained in the concept of fashion, figure parameters and standards, because a woman is a mood, this is a special atmosphere that fills everything around, a woman is a spirit, this is aspiration, the very curves that make a man’s heart beat more often and do the impossible.

Wedding outfits: new trends

Making a choice is much easier when you have a plan, and choosing a wedding dress is no exception, and as such a plan, we offer you a list of fashion trends for 2023, some of which are already firmly established in wedding fashion, others are just beginning to make themselves known.

How to choose a dress for a wedding?

It would seem that what is difficult in choosing a wedding dress for yourself is only a matter of taste and cost. But, unfortunately, even those who have faced the need to wear a wedding dress will confirm that everything is not so simple.